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Australian Defence Apparel (ADA) uses VendorPanel to find local Suppliers and to invite them to quote on work.

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Puma Energy

Chris Childers, Tender Manager

"The quote wizard makes it easy for us to submit our pricing and also attach any additional documents we may like to provide to enhance our offer."

OzArk Environmental 

Jodie Benton, Director 

"I think VendorPanel is an important platform for regional suppliers. We would be crazy not to be on the platform, because it's exposed us to so many more buyers."

Please register using the links below:

To register for the supply of AccessoriesClick here

To register for the supply of Apparel: Click here

To register for the supply of Footwear: Click here

To register for the supply of Personal Support Items: Click here

You can register under multiple categories by clicking on one link and completing the registration process. Once completed click on the second link and repeat the registration process once again for the second category.