Supplier Onboarding Toolkit

A collection of assets and templates to help Councils promote their use of VendorPanel Marketplace to their local business community and support them to register as suppliers.

Use this plan template to form your own schedule of supplier acquisition activities.

Supplier Information Page

This info page for suppliers explains what VendorPanel Marketplace is, how it works and how suppliers can register. Available to download for print to distribute in public areas and at events.

Supplier Engagement Sessions

This slide deck provides an overview of VendorPanel Marketplace for suppliers and walks them through the registration process. 

You can book a time with VendorPanel account manager, Vivek Thilkan - to help you prepare for the event/s.

Poster to promote Supplier Engagement Sessions

Print these posters and use them to promote your Supplier Engagement sessions. Displaying the posters internally can act as a reminder to staff to use VendorPanel Marketplace when they need to source for goods and services. 

Contact to request printed posters.

Expression Of Interest 

Publish this EOI as a call for contractors in high use categories to register to VendorPanel Marketplace to receive RFQs from Council.

Press Release

This is templated press release for Councils using VendorPanel Marketplace. Make adjustments and additions as you see fit and publish to launch your campaign.

Facebook Advertising Plan

Facebook is the most effective channel for engaging suppliers and driving registrations. If you have budget, we highly recommend running 2 ads for the duration of your campaign and making weekly organic posts. 

This plan includes suggested copy for Ads and organic posts.

Email Campaign

Contact your existing supplier network via email and support them to register using this template to prepare a campaign targeting these suppliers. For the best results, we recommend sending at least two emails, one week apart.

Videos for Campaigns & Embedding on Webpages

To share these videos you can hover over the video and click this icon: 

Right-click to copy the link that shows or click this icon to copy the embed code:

Local procurement creates jobs and keeps money circulating in your region's economy. This video demonstrates how the platform works to connect buyers with local suppliers, making it easy for them to source locally.

The platform establishes a transparent and fair environment for buyers and suppliers to engage. In this video hear from both sides of the Marketplace - buyers and suppliers. 

Suppliers receive more opportunities on the platform, they also benefit from a tool that helps  them to better manage quotes. This video captures suppliers talking about the benefits of being on the platform.

How to Register to VendorPanel Marketplace

Leveraging Local Business Associations

There is a clear and strong alignment between business association / Chamber of Commerce objectives and the proven ability of VendorPanel Marketplace to increase opportunities for local suppliers.

This email template introduces the platform as a proven local economic development tool and proposes a face to face meeting for you to provide an overview of how it works and why suppliers across all industries should register.

Supplier Acquisition Campaign Plan

Supplier & Buyer Testimonials

Suppliers love the platform. It's easy to use, helps them to better manage quotes and never miss an opportunity, and it opens doors to work with new organisations. These approved testimonials are powerful statements that can be used to support your campaign message.

VendorPanel Marketplace Overview

This one page document provides an overview of the platform and how it works to drive local economic development outcomes. It is a useful source of information to refer to when creating internal communication or to attach to emails with partners such as your local Chamber of Commerce.