VendorPanel Marketplace Buyer's Hub

Buy local on VendorPanel Marketplace.

This resource page for buyer's includes an instructional video and guide for Council buyers to start using the platform to find and engage local suppliers in their Request for Quotations (RFQs).

Dale Chapman introduces the WALGA initiative to help Local Governments leverage their procurement spend to support economic recovery through the Covid-19 crisis.

James Leathem introduces procurement platform, VendorPanel Marketplace, a proven local economic development tool available to WA member Councils at no cost.

Buyer Guide

This guide has all the information buyers need to start using the public Marketplace to source from local suppliers. 

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How to Source from VendorPanel Marketplace

This instructional video guides buyers through the process to raising a Request to local suppliers on VendorPanel Marketplace.

Buyer & Supplier Testimonials

Buyers and Suppliers love the platform. It's easy to use and simplifies & improves the RFQ process, saving buyers time and creating a fair environment for suppliers to quote on work. 

WA Marketplace Webinar for CEOs

CEO Webinar Q&A

Buyer Engagement Webinar

Andrew Blitz introduces the opportunity for Local Government to take advantage of the WALGA initiative effectively channel their spend to local suppliers.

Vivek Thilkan demonstrates how buyers identify local suppliers on the platform and introduces the resources available to help Councils promote their use of Marketplace so suppliers can register to receive opportunities to quote on work.

Buyer Webinar Q&A

Local procurement to strengthen local economies

Purchasing goods and services from local suppliers keeps resources circulating in the region, growing in value with every transaction. 

Watch this video to see how VendorPanel Marketplace enables buyers to easily find and engage local suppliers in their projects and works.